My name is Ruud

and I am a strategic marketing and communication manager


How do you ensure that your ambitions are turned into a clear marketing policy? How do you get your team on board? So that they want to be part of the solution? That they share your conviction and really want to work together to pursue the mission and vision. What leadership style will you choose?


Strategy development

What value do you want to add to the world? And which strategic models will help you make your dream into a success? What is the focal point on the horizon? What research should you be doing to inform your market approach? And how do you prevent overshooting the mark in this phase? That you don’t lose momentum trudging through weighty plans and prose no one is likely to read?

Tactics development

For which target group do you want to add value? How does that affect your positioning? Which resources will you employ? What will that cost you and what will it yield? What does the short term look like. And who will be doing what when? What insights will you gather and how will you use those to improve your tactics. What still needs to be done before you reach that point on the horizon? When can we bring out the champagne?

Giving answers is the new broadcasting

Value creation. That’s what we’re talking about here. Which question, worry, wish, or issue is your target group thinking of? If you’ve done your ‘market sensing’ homework, and thus listened well, then you can give the right answer to that. And offer a solution. That is how I build your brand. And I think that’s what it’s all about when it comes to strategic marketing: being relevant. And that’s only the first step. Fostering broad support for plans. Galvanizing team members and stakeholders and inspiring them to share the vision. Truly get in the cockpit together and turn some dials to discover whether what was conceived will actually work. Dream, Think, Dare, Do, Persevere, my favourite verbs. Day or night, I’ll answer your call.


Years work experience

Completed projects

Plans and campaigns developed

Cups of coffee. At least...

“Turn your dreams into a goal. And share your dreams. Often.”

My motto:

I like to do things right, but I’d rather do the right things.


By all means, grab a cup of coffee with him.

Ruud has a very inspiring effect on your creativity and imagination. Thanks to him, I’ve learned to recognize lots more opportunities, which means that now I can come up with even better solutions to challenges. Ruud helps you along, pleasantly, professionally and full of passion.


Anne van der Heyden, director @ P5COMAnne van der Heyden

Sharp and with results!

Ruud helped ZAAM turn our identity and approach into communication approaches for now and towards the future. Through his expertise and sharp recommendations, we’ve been able to make those approaches tangible, and with clear results!

Hay Eggen, product manager @ Zaam Training and PerformanceHay Eggen

Start a conversation with Ruud.

In turbulent times, when one change followed another, Ruud managed to steer the course and yield results. In doing so, he demonstrated leadership, managed to gain the trust of his team and fellow senior management in a short time, and turn the strategy into short-term goals. In short: a professional and asset for every board.

Nur Nurmohammed, maniging directorNur Nurmohammed

A very accessible personality.

Several times during the last couple of years, Canon Medical Systems Europe relied on the rich expertise and experience of Ruud Kessels. Our social media strategy and policy, for instance, are largely the results of his efforts. Ruud combines his expertise with a very accessible personality, which makes working with him a real joy.

Jos Ruis director Canon Medical Systems EuropeJos Ruis

Het begins with listening